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Absolutely awesome!!
Lotus Dental Group along with Dr. Chawla are by far the best dental office I've come across. I'll be honest.. I was very intimidated and scared to go to a new practice (had a cracked tooth) but necessarily needed work done. Making an appt was a breeze with them, and the location was very easy to find. Cassandra (front desk) welcomed me with a very warm greeting. Dr. Chawla's assist is very comforting and made me feel very at ease. It was at that appt we discovered I needed a root canal. What?! Yup.. Sounds scary.. But nope! Just had my follow up appt today for the root canal and experience absolutely no pain!! I'm surprised they're not more five-star ratings for this business!! I will be referring my family and friends.

Nicole V. San Jose, CA

Patient Review

I don't know where to begin. I was happy with my previous dentist, however, I clearly didn't know what I was missing! This place is phenomenal. They were super accommodating with my crazy schedule. ALL of the staff were super friendly. The facility is beautiful and you even get to watch Netflix while they clean your teeth! They take thorough photos of any cavities on your teeth and go through them with you so you know what the plan is and why. They make suggestions for your dental options, teeth straightening, night guards etc. but at no point did I feel pressured-You don't feel like they're trying to sell you something, they truly care about your teeth. Although, I'll have to admit, I'm going to struggle fitting in that recommended lunchtime brushing, I will definitely be returning!

Brittany C.Saratoga, CA

Patient Review

She was very thorough in explaining my treatment needs and how this best fit with my insurance coverage. , and they also managed to accommodate my busy work schedule. Sitting on the chair has always been a terrifying experience for me. However, Dr. Chawla helps ease this experience. She provides a noise-canceling headphone so you can watch Netflix while she works on you. When she applied the anesthesia, I did not feel a thing. AMAZED!!! I'm a big baby, ha. Overall, I would earnestly recommend this dentist to others.

Cristina F. San Jose, CA

Patient Review

Lotus Dental Group is extremely professional and makes the usually uncomfortable task of getting a filling/teeth cleaning painless and easy. An added bonus? They let you watch Netflix while you're getting worked on, which makes the appointments go by quickly. I highly recommend their facility if you're looking for a new dentist.

Jordan S. Campbell, CA

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