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Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy in Campbell

Who does not panic at the thought of getting a "root canal"? Price and pain start springing our minds. But, most of us don't know what really is root canal treatment.

Root canal therapy or endodontic treatment is an oral treatment that removes an infection from inside part of our tooth. It also helps in protecting our teeth from future infections.

root_canal root_canal
root_canal root_canal

What is Root Canal Treatment?

If we talk about "root canal", it is actually a part of our tooth, a hollow part of our tooth that consists of nerve tissues, blood vessels and other cells known as pulp. At Lotus Dental Group, the root canal procedure is done to remove the badly infected tooth instead of getting an extraction. This treatment by an endodontist or root canal dentist.

What is the procedure of root canal therapy?

Root canal treatment is performed in three steps and about three sessions are required to complete the process.

  1. Cleaning the root canal - The first step is that the dentist removes everything inside the root canal. The patient is given local anesthesia and then the dentist makes a small opening on the surface of the tooth and then it starts to remove infected and diseased pulp tissue with the help of small files.
  2. Filling the root canal - The following step is cleaning, shaping and decontaminating the hollow is with the help of tiny files and irrigation solutions. Next, the tooth is filled with a material like rubber with the help of an adhesive cement so that the canals are sealed completely. The tooth becomes dead after the therapy and the patient won't feel any kind of a pain in that tooth because the nerve tissues are removed and infection is cleaned.
  3. Adding a crown - Now the tooth becomes more fragile than before as it has no pulp and thus it needs to receive nourishment from ligaments, but with time the tooth becomes brittle. So, a crown is added that provides protection. A patient should not chew or bite until the crown is complete.

Generally, the procedure takes only one appointment, but if a patient has curved canals or multi canals or a patient has a large infection then it may take two or more appointments as required.

Is it painful?

Root canal has the greatest fears of pain attached to it. But, in reality, when it is performed by a trained dentist it is relatively painless. The pain we feel is due to the infection and not the treatment. The treatment is performed to eliminate the pain. The surgeon performs the procedure under local anesthesia which numbs the tooth and surrounding area and relieves you of the pain.

You may feel some discomfort after the treatment which is normal. Your dentist may provide you with some medications for the pain or infection if needed.

Who requires it?

If you have an injured or diseased pulp it is unable to repair itself and it dies. If you have damaged or broken tooth, deep cavity or loose fillings, this may lead to entering of the bacteria inside your pulp. These bacteria will finally destroy the pulp and the bones will be infected. This infection will break the bone and make the tooth loose which needs to be finally extracted.

So, if you have damaged, decayed or diseased tooth or you are experiencing severe tooth pain you must visit a root canal specialist.

What does it cost?

For getting a dental treatment, cost varies from process to process. Getting a root canal treatment is really cost-efficient.

If you are in search of a root canal therapy clinic, Lotus Dental Group is happy to inform you that, we provide amazing root canal dental services. Our experienced team of surgeons makes sure that you get the best of your treatments in a comfortable environment. Your needs are our priority. We aim at providing healthy smiles to each and every patient. So, waste no time and call us to schedule your appointment today.

For additional details about root canal therapy in Campbell, contact us or visit us at Lotus Dental Care, Hamilton Ave, Campbell, CA.

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