Are you ruining your teeth?

Are These 5 Habits Wrecking Your Teeth?

You practice good oral hygiene: You brush twice a day, floss daily, and see your dentist every year. First of all, good job and keep it up!

But you may be surprised to learn that you might also have some bad habits that can be damaging your oral health.

What are these bad habits?

Read on to find out…

Chewing Ice

Ice cubes may help cool you down, but they are really bad for your teeth. The hardness of the cubes can chip away tooth enamel and cause them to crack. The cold temperature can also irritate your teeth and lead to toothaches.

If you have to chew something, chew on some sugar-free gum instead. It’s much softer and also helps to freshen your breath.

Using Your Teeth As A Tool

Don’t you just hate it when that pesky bag of chips won’t open? But instead of finding the scissors, you rip the bag open with your teeth instead. Yeah, we’ve all been there.

But that impatience can also be harming your teeth. Your teeth aren’t meant to be used as pliers; they’re meant to help you chew food and speak. Using your mouth as a tool can lead to injuries and broken teeth.

Biting Your Nails

Nail biting isn’t just bad for your fingers; it’s also bad for your oral hygiene. People who bite their nails often do so because they’re stressed or nervous. But when you use nail-biting as a stress reliever, you’re also consuming the bacteria from your fingers whenever you get stressed. Yuck. This can lead to infections in your mouth.

Drinking Soda

Do you like drinking soda? If so, you should probably drink something else. Carbonated drinks (even diet sodas) can ruin your teeth because of their high acid content. The acidity of the soda can erode enamel and cause tooth decay.

The negative effects are multiplied when you’re sipping sodas over a long period of time. The longer you sip, the longer you’re exposing your teeth to the soda’s acid. To give your teeth a break, sip on some water instead.

Biting on Pen and Pencils

Biting on your pen or pencil might help you to concentrate on a task, such as writing or studying. However, you may not realize how much pressure you’re placing on your teeth as you gnaw into the non-food item. This can cause your teeth to shift and crack. Instead, try listening to some music to help you focus on the task.

We understand bad habits are hard to break. But we guarantee if you avoid these habits, you’ll be well on your way to a better smile. If you would like more dental tips, please contact us at Lotus Dental Group in Campbell, California. We’d love to hear from you.


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