Manifold Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

Tooth Decay & Root Canal

You can get sleepless nights due to toothaches and as facts, the aching tooth will lead to an unbeatable life. It instigates headaches, paralyzing pain inside the mouth and makes eating very difficult and unimaginable. The reason is mainly tooth decay which leads to infected pulp and makes living uncomfortable. Through root canal treatment, you can easily get over this pain. 

What do you mean by Root Canal Therapy?

A root canal is an endodontic treatment that follows a sequence and focuses on the pulp cavity of the tooth. It helps in eliminating the infection or inflammation in the pulp and thus protects the teeth.

The treatment involves removing the infected or inflamed pulp and the inside part of the tooth is cleaned. It follows disinfection to prevent any further damage. Finally, a material is used to fill up and seal the rubber tube. Lastly, the tooth is restored with a crown or fillings. 

Benefits of root canal therapy

There are numerous benefits attached to root canal treatment. Some of them are given below:

Virtual painless procedure

Through the root canal, you experience less pain and often you are left with less discomfort during recovery, unlike the tooth extraction process. Fortunately, we have modern techniques and effective anesthesia that patients who have got root canal have described it like six times less painful than getting an extraction.

Efficient and cost-effective

This treatment takes less time than tooth extraction as well as it is budget-friendly. Many of the insurances cover endodontic treatments too.

Visually appealing outcome

Through root canal treatment, you get crowns which not only appears like a natural tooth but also give you a feeling of the natural tooth.

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