Your step-by-step guide to teeth whitening at the dentist

We all need a sparkling and whiter smile. It builds our confidence and makes us look beautiful. Discoloured teeth have become a common issue for everyone now. With professional teeth whitening option you can easily get your teeth whiter and brighter. Here is the step by step guide to your teeth whitening treatment.

The professional teeth whitening procedure starts by consulting with your dentist. Everyone cannot be a good candidate for teeth whitening, so you need to talk to the Teeth Whitening dentist before you get it done. If you have a large filling or crown, this is not an option for you.

Next is the actual whitening appointment. Once you get comfortable in the chair, your dentist will put a lip retractor into your mouth that moves your lips out of the way for easy teeth access. Your gums will be covered with a gel and then hardened with a light. This provides protection to your gums from teeth bleaching. Your dentist can also apply a compound that can prevent tooth sensitivity.

The actual whitening process starts by applying a gel which is made up of 15 to 35% of hydrogen peroxide to your front teeth. Hydrogen peroxide penetrates the porous outer layer of teeth and breaks apart stain compound through oxidation. The application of whitening gel may be followed by usage of high powered light which speeds up whitening. Many systems require multiple application of gel during the treatment. Within 40 minutes the dentist will rinse off the gel and apply a fresh coat as many times as necessary. After the completion of the whitening procedure, you can achieve up to eight shades lighter teeth.

If you require teeth whitening treatment, at Lotus-Group Dental we offer professional teeth whitening services by our experts to achieve a sparkling smile. Schedule an appointment today and get a dazzling smile.