Enhance the beauty of your smile with Orthodontic treatment


Smiling is the quintessence of one’s personality. You achieve an enhanced appearance, increased confidence level, and an aura positiveness revolves around you. However, if your teeth structure is not good and you become conscious, your confidence level lowers down. Orthodontic treatment offers the ideal solution to align the structure of your teeth and offer a confident smile. At Lotus Dental, our orthodontics specialist provides you with the best orthodontics in Campbell. Our team works hard to invent a blissful smile through orthodontic dentistry. Our affordable dental care solutions fit into your needs and offer you a quality smile. 

Before, orthodontic’s scope was limited to only metal braces for rectifying the issues of misaligned teeth. Technology has advanced to that level that other alternatives that are more comfortable and aesthetic than metal braces are available. Traditional metal braces show very effective results, but the discomfort it produces urges people to shift over other alternatives. With metal braces in the mouth, people find it difficult to speak, chew and clean, which lastly results in discoloration of the teeth. 

Invisalign braces are a perfect alternative to metal braces. They are barely visible when you wear them and are removable as well. Another kind of braces are the lingual braces which are almost similar to traditional metal braces, but they are placed on the backside of the teeth, which makes them completely invisible. They are made up of fragile brackets. They neither compromise on your comfort nor appearance. 

Ceramic braces are another invention that matches the color of your tooth and is comfortable. They are placed on the front part of the teeth to offer a beautiful smile. They help correct the structure of your teeth in 12 to 18 months.