10 Surprising Myths About Orthodontic Treatment

10 Surprising Myths About Orthodontic Treatment - Lotus Dental Group - Lotus Dental Group

You must have heard a lot of myths and rumors about braces. Before getting orthodontic treatment, you must have all the correct information about it. Here are 10 myths about orthodontic treatment:

Any professional providing orthodontic treatment is an orthodontist

Not everyone can be called an orthodontist except the ones who have completed additional advanced training needed to become an orthodontist.

Cost of braces are more than they should be

Braces cost will appear to you like a significant investment of your time and money. They offer lifelong advantages that not only improve your appearance but also bring back your lost confidence.

Straightening teeth takes years

Orthodontic treatment needs close monitoring to find out whether your teeth are responding correctly to the treatment plan or not. The timeframe for each patient depends on their case. If only minor changes are required for your teeth, the treatment will take only a  few months.

The only appearance is changed with braces

Apart from improved appearance, braces have many benefits like better oral health, properly aligned jaw as well as daily benefits like ease in eating, chewing, biting or speaking. 

Metal braces are the best option for straightening teeth

Those days are gone when the only option available was metal braces for straightening teeth. Now you can choose the braces that suit your lifestyle and comfort and offer you a healthy smile. 

Mail order orthodontic treatment offers safe teeth straightening

If your orthodontist doesn’t see your mouth and gums regularly and monitor them, then mail-order orthodontic treatment can be highly risky as well as costly.

Straightening teeth can be done at home by yourself

An orthodontist is a warning for people not to go for DIY techniques for straightening teeth as they can lead to further irreparable damage.

Only teenagers and children can straighten their teeth

Orthodontics is seen common among children and teenagers, but a healthy smile can be attained at any age.

Braces are easily breakable

Braces are bonded to your teeth, making them durable and capable of withstanding your entire treatment.

Treatment results last for a lifetime

Once you take out your braces, they will start moving to their natural position. Shift prevention can be done.

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