The Warning Signs that you need a root canal treatment

root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is a process that helps in saving severely affected and damaged teeth. This is done by saving the infected tooth by repairing your tooth pulp. People have a fear regarding root canal therapy that it will be painful, but actually it helps you to alleviate the pain. Given below are some of the common symptoms that suggests whether you need a root canal or not:

  • One of the most common symptoms that can confirm a root canal is the pain which one has to experience. It ranges from mild discomfort to severe pain and can occur only when you sleep or bite a food particle. This leads to searing pain in the teeth.
  • Few patients may undergo the classic do-or-die symptom for a root canal. The symptom is recurring pain when something hot or cold is consumed. If pain is experienced, then you might need a root canal procedure. 
  • Tooth that is chipped and cracked might also require a root canal and this is inevitable as the nerves are exposed to contamination and might indicate a root canal procedure.
  • Another noticeable symptom for a root canal is tooth discolorations which are caused due to inadequate oral hygiene or nerve damage and this would create a necessity to get a root canal treatment
  • If you have a cavity in your tooth for long and you have been neglecting it, the decay spreads to your roots and your nerves are affected. In such a case, only the root canal can save your teeth. 

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