About Root Canal therapy and it’s Treatment

Root canal therapy treats the inside part of the tooth, so it’s known as the endodontic procedure. Our inside part of teeth consists of a pulp chamber and root canals that are full of the dental pulp. Deep decay or fracture can affect the tooth pulp.

If this happens, the pulp becomes infected and inflamed. A pulp infection can spread everywhere in the mouth and you can’t save it without doing a root canal procedure. Through a root canal procedure, the infected pulp is removed from inside the teeth and the teeth are filled.

Myths of root canal therapy

Most of us are scared even hearing the name of the root canal treatment. People have spread rumors regarding root canal therapy. You might have heard about a root canal is painful, invasive, intense and even the worst dental procedure. None of the above is true.

The root canal is performed to prevent something much worse. Nowadays root canal has become straight forward, pain-free and easier than before. Root canal has a fearsome reputation because it’s misunderstood. If you are thinking of getting root canal therapy in Campbell, go for it fearlessly.

How does root canal procedure work?

Given below are the steps that provide a full idea about the working of root canal procedure:

  • At first, your dentist will conduct an x-ray to determine the condition of your teeth.
  • With the help of a local anesthetic, the affected tooth will be numbed.
  • A dental dam or rubber sheet is placed around the teeth to protect the bacteria and other things from getting inside the teeth.
  • With the help of a dental drill, a small opening will be made into the teeth by your dentist. The dentist can now access the pulp chamber through this opening.
  • The pulp is removed with the help of endodontic files and the walls of the root canal are shaped. The root canal is then disinfected and the hollow part of the root canal is filled with a rubber kind of material known as gutta-percha.
  • A crown restoration may also be required after the therapy.

Patients may have a normal discomfort for about 3 to 4 days. If the pain is unbearable and continued for long, immediately visit your dentist.

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The Warning Signs that you need a root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is a process that helps in saving severely affected and damaged teeth. This is done by saving the infected tooth by repairing your tooth pulp. People have a fear regarding root canal therapy that it will be painful, but actually it helps you to alleviate the pain. Given below are some of the common symptoms that suggests whether you need a root canal or not:

  • One of the most common symptoms that can confirm a root canal is the pain which one has to experience. It ranges from mild discomfort to severe pain and can occur only when you sleep or bite a food particle. This leads to searing pain in the teeth.
  • Few patients may undergo the classic do-or-die symptom for a root canal. The symptom is recurring pain when something hot or cold is consumed. If pain is experienced, then you might need a root canal procedure. 
  • Tooth that is chipped and cracked might also require a root canal and this is inevitable as the nerves are exposed to contamination and might indicate a root canal procedure.
  • Another noticeable symptom for a root canal is tooth discolorations which are caused due to inadequate oral hygiene or nerve damage and this would create a necessity to get a root canal treatment
  • If you have a cavity in your tooth for long and you have been neglecting it, the decay spreads to your roots and your nerves are affected. In such a case, only the root canal can save your teeth. 

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Enhance the beauty of your smile with Orthodontic treatment

Smiling is the quintessence of one’s personality. You achieve an enhanced appearance, increased confidence level, and an aura positiveness revolves around you. However, if your teeth structure is not good and you become conscious, your confidence level lowers down. Orthodontic treatment offers the ideal solution to align the structure of your teeth and offer a confident smile. At Lotus Dental, our orthodontics specialist provides you with the best orthodontics in Campbell. Our team works hard to invent a blissful smile through orthodontic dentistry. Our affordable dental care solutions fit into your needs and offer you a quality smile. 

Before, orthodontic’s scope was limited to only metal braces for rectifying the issues of misaligned teeth. Technology has advanced to that level that other alternatives that are more comfortable and aesthetic than metal braces are available. Traditional metal braces show very effective results, but the discomfort it produces urges people to shift over other alternatives. With metal braces in the mouth, people find it difficult to speak, chew and clean, which lastly results in discoloration of the teeth. 

Invisalign braces are a perfect alternative to metal braces. They are barely visible when you wear them and are removable as well. Another kind of braces are the lingual braces which are almost similar to traditional metal braces, but they are placed on the backside of the teeth, which makes them completely invisible. They are made up of fragile brackets. They neither compromise on your comfort nor appearance. 

Ceramic braces are another invention that matches the color of your tooth and is comfortable. They are placed on the front part of the teeth to offer a beautiful smile. They help correct the structure of your teeth in 12 to 18 months.

10 Surprising Myths About Orthodontic Treatment

You must have heard a lot of myths and rumors about braces. Before getting orthodontic treatment, you must have all the correct information about it. Here are 10 myths about orthodontic treatment:

Any professional providing orthodontic treatment is an orthodontist

Not everyone can be called an orthodontist except the ones who have completed additional advanced training needed to become an orthodontist.

Cost of braces are more than they should be

Braces cost will appear to you like a significant investment of your time and money. They offer lifelong advantages that not only improve your appearance but also bring back your lost confidence.

Straightening teeth takes years

Orthodontic treatment needs close monitoring to find out whether your teeth are responding correctly to the treatment plan or not. The timeframe for each patient depends on their case. If only minor changes are required for your teeth, the treatment will take only a  few months.

The only appearance is changed with braces

Apart from improved appearance, braces have many benefits like better oral health, properly aligned jaw as well as daily benefits like ease in eating, chewing, biting or speaking. 

Metal braces are the best option for straightening teeth

Those days are gone when the only option available was metal braces for straightening teeth. Now you can choose the braces that suit your lifestyle and comfort and offer you a healthy smile. 

Mail order orthodontic treatment offers safe teeth straightening

If your orthodontist doesn’t see your mouth and gums regularly and monitor them, then mail-order orthodontic treatment can be highly risky as well as costly.

Straightening teeth can be done at home by yourself

An orthodontist is a warning for people not to go for DIY techniques for straightening teeth as they can lead to further irreparable damage.

Only teenagers and children can straighten their teeth

Orthodontics is seen common among children and teenagers, but a healthy smile can be attained at any age.

Braces are easily breakable

Braces are bonded to your teeth, making them durable and capable of withstanding your entire treatment.

Treatment results last for a lifetime

Once you take out your braces, they will start moving to their natural position. Shift prevention can be done.

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Dental Implants: Pros and cons

Unnecessary teeth gaps can be the reason for a person’s shy smile. These gaps may be as a result of an accident or disease. Tooth Implants work effectively in such cases. They have proven to fix the teeth gaps by placing an artificial tooth as a replacement. This replacement tooth looks exactly like an original one. It functions in the same way too but is made of titanium.

Dental implants have proven to be an effective long-term solution to dental problems caused by damaged, broken or lost teeth. The entire process might take a long time, depending on the situation of the patient. Firstly the base is laid on the jawbone of the person where the tooth would be placed. After it fixes in the jawbone, the implant or the artificial tooth is placed in it. 

Dental Implants is a cosmetic procedure that has a high success rate and is popular among people. However, it has its own set of pros and cons. Here, we discuss these points for you to decide the best. 

What are the pros?

  • The implants are self-sufficient when it comes to seeking support from neighboring teeth. These won’t be affected by the damage of the nearby tooth. 
  • They function like normal teeth and poses no difficulty to the person in chewing or talking. It also looks the same. 
  • People reportedly have better dental health after getting an implant.

What are the cons?

  • It requires your maintenance. After the implant, you would be required to take care of it by regularly brushing and flossing your teeth. 
  • For smokers, the success rate might not be satisfactory.
  • Since it involves the surgical process, people might have side effects in the form of infections. However, this happens rarely.
  • Implants are time-taking procedures. It takes up to six months for the procedure to be complete as it involves multiple steps.
  • Not suitable for people with osteoporosis or other health complication.
  • The procedure can be costly.

Overall, it is a safe and effective long term investment. Implants can help replace misplaced teeth and the lost confidence of the person. 

Dental Health benefits of Orthodontic treatment

Dental Implants

Orthodontic treatment helps to achieve a healthy dentition and an amazing smile which has motivated a lot of adults to get more treatments for improving their dental aesthetics. Do we know about all the benefits orthodontic treatment offers us? There is a list of benefits that are beyond a smile. Let’s know some of them.

  • Orthodontics helps in improving your teeth position, functioning and aesthetics if dental pieces. This benefit is clearly visible.
  • Your bones and gums appear healthier. It helps in correcting occlusion and positioning of teeth.
  • The condition of your mouth is improved and also increase dental hygiene. It provides correct alignment to your teeth that provide oral health and appropriate cleaning of your entire dental cavity improves the condition of your mouth.
  • It helps in relieving excess pressure on the jaw joint. Orthodontics correct your bites and malocclusion.
  • Your digestion is also improved. Due to malocclusion, you are not able to chew the food properly which leads to difficulty in swallowing and digestion. Once the issue is corrected, digestion is improved. 
  • As general oral health is improved the risk of periodontal diseases, infections, tooth decay.
  • Some of the patients who have severe bite problems have issues pronouncing words. After undergoing orthodontic treatment, these issues in speech are corrected and improved.
  • Through orthodontic treatment, dental trauma risks can also be reduced. 
  • A patient who has overcrowding or other oral issues loses his or her self esteem. Through orthodontic treatment, you get a new smile and regain your self-confidence.
  • In short, your quality of life is improved through the above-given benefits.

If you require orthodontic treatment for your dental health, visit us at Lotus Dental and improve the quality of your oral health through our exceptional treatments. 

Manifold Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

Tooth Decay & Root Canal

You can get sleepless nights due to toothaches and as facts, the aching tooth will lead to an unbeatable life. It instigates headaches, paralyzing pain inside the mouth and makes eating very difficult and unimaginable. The reason is mainly tooth decay which leads to infected pulp and makes living uncomfortable. Through root canal treatment, you can easily get over this pain. 

What do you mean by Root Canal Therapy?

A root canal is an endodontic treatment that follows a sequence and focuses on the pulp cavity of the tooth. It helps in eliminating the infection or inflammation in the pulp and thus protects the teeth.

The treatment involves removing the infected or inflamed pulp and the inside part of the tooth is cleaned. It follows disinfection to prevent any further damage. Finally, a material is used to fill up and seal the rubber tube. Lastly, the tooth is restored with a crown or fillings. 

Benefits of root canal therapy

There are numerous benefits attached to root canal treatment. Some of them are given below:

Virtual painless procedure

Through the root canal, you experience less pain and often you are left with less discomfort during recovery, unlike the tooth extraction process. Fortunately, we have modern techniques and effective anesthesia that patients who have got root canal have described it like six times less painful than getting an extraction.

Efficient and cost-effective

This treatment takes less time than tooth extraction as well as it is budget-friendly. Many of the insurances cover endodontic treatments too.

Visually appealing outcome

Through root canal treatment, you get crowns which not only appears like a natural tooth but also give you a feeling of the natural tooth.

If you are looking for the right root canal dentist, visit us at Lotus Dental Group and get the best treatments done. Contact us today and improve your smile with root canal treatment. 

How long does it take to recover from a tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction

Dental accidents or trauma can take place at any point in time. Sometimes your situation is that critical that you understand your teeth is going to be extracted. When the thought of tooth extraction treatment comes to our mind, along with fear we are also occupied with several other thoughts. What will be the recovery time? Will a lot of work be missed? These questions run through our mind. Let’s find out through this blog how soon you get recovered.

Recovery time varies from patients to patients and depends upon various other factors like size and position of the tooth, the patient’s oral health, and how well the patient follows the aftercare instructions. 

In case of a simple extraction in which a tooth is removed that has already erupted into the mouth, the process of recovery is not that long. Your dental surgeon will ask you to relax for about 42 to 78 hours after the treatment so that the treatment area is allowed to clot. You can return to normal daily activities after. The soft tissues heal completely in about 3 to 4 weeks. 

In case of surgical extraction, wherein the tooth is still in the gums and the jawbone is removed, the process of recovery is long. The patient will be asked to take rest for 48 to 72 hours as in the case of a simple extraction. Before resuming to normal activities they should limit their physical activities for about a week. 

Nowadays due to modern dental technology and local anesthesia, extractions have become quick and easier and recoveries are also nice and short. If you are looking for tooth removal dental service, at Lotus Dental Group we provide amazing services of tooth extraction dentistry. Our top priority is patients health and comfort. 

Cosmetic Dentistry – What You Need to Know

Cosmetic Dentistry

In cosmetic dentistry, the facial appearance of the person is changed by making a certain correction in the structure of the teeth. There are various procedures by which this can be done. Amongst these, the most popular ones are false teeth, teeth whitening, shaping the teeth, implants, and veneers. Sometimes, a combination of these sets is used to aim for improvised facial features.

These procedures are carried out by a cosmetic dentist. A cosmetic dentist undergoes intense training before carrying them out on patients. These dental procedures are expected to be costlier than say a regular visit to your dentist for a routine check-up. However, procedures like teeth whitening are cheaper. It is also available at most of the dental clinics and doesn’t require the practitioner to have a specific skill set. To save some more money, one can buy the readily available dental whitening tooth kits and try it at home.

Is cosmetic dentistry different?

Yes, cosmetic dentistry is very much different from normal dentistry. A regular dental visit might involve procedures that deal with the functionality of the teeth. General procedures deal with various diseases and problems of the teeth while cosmetic surgery aims at improving the appearance of oneself by making changes to the facial features. 

Why is cosmetic surgery expensive?

Since the procedure aims at improving the look of the person, thus it might include a combination of several methods. The instruments involved to perform such cosmetic dental care service are expensive. This can also b accompanied by certain general procedures like removal of teeth. It takes years of study and practice to become a cosmetic dentist. Thus, the visiting fee of the dentist is high. Add to this the diagnostic tests required before the procedure. 

If you are looking forward to enhancing your facial features, then you can opt our cosmetic dentistry Campbell services today! We, at Lotus Dental Group, provide you with expert consultants and ensure the safety of the patient.

Your step-by-step guide to teeth whitening at the dentist

We all need a sparkling and whiter smile. It builds our confidence and makes us look beautiful. Discoloured teeth have become a common issue for everyone now. With professional teeth whitening option you can easily get your teeth whiter and brighter. Here is the step by step guide to your teeth whitening treatment.

The professional teeth whitening procedure starts by consulting with your dentist. Everyone cannot be a good candidate for teeth whitening, so you need to talk to the Teeth Whitening dentist before you get it done. If you have a large filling or crown, this is not an option for you.

Next is the actual whitening appointment. Once you get comfortable in the chair, your dentist will put a lip retractor into your mouth that moves your lips out of the way for easy teeth access. Your gums will be covered with a gel and then hardened with a light. This provides protection to your gums from teeth bleaching. Your dentist can also apply a compound that can prevent tooth sensitivity.

The actual whitening process starts by applying a gel which is made up of 15 to 35% of hydrogen peroxide to your front teeth. Hydrogen peroxide penetrates the porous outer layer of teeth and breaks apart stain compound through oxidation. The application of whitening gel may be followed by usage of high powered light which speeds up whitening. Many systems require multiple application of gel during the treatment. Within 40 minutes the dentist will rinse off the gel and apply a fresh coat as many times as necessary. After the completion of the whitening procedure, you can achieve up to eight shades lighter teeth.

If you require teeth whitening treatment, at Lotus-Group Dental we offer professional teeth whitening services by our experts to achieve a sparkling smile. Schedule an appointment today and get a dazzling smile.